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xBaK is a fan-made remake of the classic Sierra computer RPG "Betrayal at Krondor" running on linux. xBaK is basicly a game engine, that uses the data files that came with the original game by Sierra Online. You should already have your own copy of "Betrayal at Krondor", the required data files are NOT distributed with xBaK. The xBaK engine is licensed under the GPL. xBaK is being developed on linux, using SDL for portability.

Development status

The project is still under development and currently in alpha stage. Many features are incomplete or even missing, so a playable game is not yet available. The xBaK application presently shows the intro animation (with sound) and then comes up with the startup option dialog. All buttons are working, but not all dialogs are finished. You can start a new game, which will show the chapter animations and lead you to the main game view. A simple 3D view of the world is displayed. You can move through the world using the arrow keys or buttons. From the main view of the game you can navigate through most dialogs. Several tools to examine the contents of the data files are done. A small application that demonstrates the contents of the resource data is available too.

Implemented features:


The goal of the current stage of development is to add or complete the features that are necessary to play a game. At present there is no particular order in which features will be implemented.

Most notable incomplete or missing features:


Before downloading xBaK, you might want to see what it looks like right now. The screenshots should provide for all the eye candy you need. The screenshots are taken using xBaK. The generated BMP files are converted to PNG format to minimize bandwidth and disk space.

New releases of xBaK are made available frequently. The latest release of xBaK can be found on the downloads page. xBaK is released in source code form only. Binary formats are not provided. If you want to keep up with the latest developments, please check out the source code from the Subversion tree.

xBaK uses the following packages (minimum required version number is listed):

SDL_sound also requires a GUS compatible set of sound patches. Most linux distributions should provide packages with a set of sound patches to be used with SDL_sound, SDL_mixer or Timidity++. Otherwise look at the SDL_mixer website for a freely downloadable set of GUS compatible patches.

SDL_mixer and SDL_sound are not strictly needed, that is, xBaK will build and run without those packages being installed. They are recommended though, because without them there will be no sound.

More detailed information on how to build and setup xBaK can be found in the README file. The README file also comes with each release. Please do read the README file, it contains a lot useful hints and tips. It is there for a reason.


If you have a question, need help with building or running xBaK or simply want to discuss anything about xBaK, please post a message on the appropriate forum. There is also a general discussion mailing list to which you can subscribe.

Please report bugs in the bug tracker. Patches, in unified format, can be submitted to the patch tracking system.


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